Monday, October 29, 2012

Special Sandy Coverage Tonight And Tomorrow

Stay tuned to VPR tonight and tomorrow morning for special coverage on Hurricane Sandy from VPR.

VPR reporters are stationed throughout Vermont and will be reporting the news about the storm on the air and online. And we'll continue to update weather information as we receive it.

Here is a rundown of our special coverage:

4:00 p.m.: All Things Considered will have coverage of the storm and frequent weather updates.

7 p.m.: Vermont Edition will broadcast live. You're encouraged to call in with questions and updates from your area.

8 p.m.: Special coverage continues with All Things Considered, hosted by Jane Lindholm and Neal Charnoff. VPR reporters will provide details from locations around Vermont, and we'll speak with Mark Breen about the storm's activity and a get a statewide update from Steve Zind.

10 p.m.: Listen for the BBC with VPR News updates from Neal Charnoff.

11 p.m.: VPR will carry the BBC overnight, which will provide a big picture of the storm.

5 a.m.: Morning Edition begins an hour earlier and you'll hear additional newscasts and coverage throughout the morning.

VPR's news and digital team will report new information as we receive it on the VPR News Blog. Let us know the storm’s effects in your region. Email or post photos to VPR’s Facebook page. You can also tweet updates using the hashtags #VPR and #VTSandy.

You can also follow Sandy’s progress at, where you will find a map tracking the storm, Eye On The Sky updates, links to Vermont Emergency Management and the National Hurricane Center, and preparedness recommendations.

All of our VPR News transmitters have generators so we don't anticipate power outages being a problem, but if you do have trouble receiving VPR please let us know by reporting it here.

We hope you and your family are safe as Hurricane Sandy arrives in Vermont.

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