Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The VPR Travel Mug Is Back - Today Only!

VPR’s stainless steel travel mug is back, just for a limited time!

Become a sustaining member today with an automatic pledge of $10 a month or more and we’ll send you one of these classic mugs.

Click here to become a sustaining member now!

These mugs are in limited supply. They’re shaped to fit in your hand and your cup holder as naturally as VPR fits into your life!

When you become a sustaining member, you’ll join more than 8,500 members who give monthly to VPR, providing a reliable source of income we can count on year-round, saving mailing and postage costs, and everyone’s favorite - reducing on-air fundraising.

And of course, your ongoing support helps pay for Vermont Edition, Performance Today, Radiolab, and all of the programming you rely on every day.

Please become a sustaining member today and get your VPR travel mug while they last. Many thanks for your support!

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