Friday, July 10, 2009

Check out VPR's Artist Mug Gallery

Volunteer Shelagh Shapiro is a VPR member and artist mug collector. She had this to share about VPR's newest mug and Artist Mug Gallery:

Like so many listeners, one of my favorite parts of VPR’s membership drive is mug anticipation. I collect VPR’s artist mugs, and as a long-time member I have an impressive collection, if I do say so myself. In fact, it’s always something of a shock to go to a friend’s house and see a mug I not only don’t have, but one that I’ve never seen before.

That situation is unlikely to happen again, now that VPR's Artist Mug Gallery is up and running. There you can browse and admire all of VPR’s artist mugs, past and present.

VPR began commissioning mug designs from Vermont artists in 1992. Since then, more than 50 mugs have been created to celebrate VPR and its community. While mugs from past drives highlighted in the gallery are not presently for sale, a new mug, “Wabanaki Creation,” by Rick Hunt, is VPR’s latest addition to the gallery.

The really cool thing about Rick Hunt’s mug is that it tells the Wabanaki creation story as told by Hunt's wife, Carolyn Black. You can listen to the story here. Rick and Carolyn perform throughout the northeast as the Laughing Couple. Carolyn tells the Wabanaki creation story while Rick illustrates a mural depicting that narrative. Their performance describes the seven levels of creation; the birth of Glooscomba, the first man; the land of red soil and that of ice and snow; the significance of Gipboo, the bald eagle; and Glooscomba’s education into a leader who respects the teachings of his elders as well as the vision and strength of young people.

Artist mugs are a great way to show your support for VPR. Pledge $80 to VPR to support the programming and you’ll receive this beautiful new mug by Rick Hunt. Or, join the Artist Mug Collector’s Club for a pledge of $200 – VPR will send you the current mug and the next two, so you're guaranteed never to miss a mug. Thank you for listening, thanks for pledging, and thank you for the respect and support that you show Vermont Public Radio during our membership drives and throughout the year.

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  1. Dr. Margaret M. BruchacJune 16, 2010 at 1:42 PM

    Thanks for using Rick Hunt's art - it makes a magnificent mug! The version of the "Wabanaki Creation Story" you've posted on-line, however, needs some clarifying, since it mixes together pieces of several invented traditions. Carolyn's version is actually a "Story inspired by Wabanaki traditions," NOT an historic "Wabanaki Creation Story." It's important to make this distinction so that present and future generations don't get confused at the difference between authentic indigenous traditions (which remain essentially intact over long periods of time) and creative interpretations (which take on creative transformations with each new generation).


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