Monday, July 27, 2009

Upon the High Seas

I'm not particularly seaworthy and am a woefully bad swimmer. But for the second time in six months, I'll be playing on the Burlington Waterfront in a rather exciting event. In February, it was the Penguin Plunge. On Sunday, August 2, I'll be working with 21 other individuals to power a dragon boat during the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival.

We had a practice last weekend and I became keenly aware of just how much my body can ache and also the importance of team work. One thing about dragon boats - rowing faster doesn't necessarily mean going faster. Rowing in time with your team (we're presumptuously called Chase Our Wake) does.

The event raises funds for Dragonheart Vermont (a breast cancer survivor group) and Camp-Ta-Kum-Ta (for kids with cancer).

Hard work aside, one thing became abundantly clear at the conclusion of our practice session. Win or lose, this is really quite fun. But I am hoping our craft doesn't become the latest installment in VPR's "History Under the Waves" series.

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