Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mitch Wertlieb Abducted by Aliens!

Where in the world is VPR's Morning Edition Host Mitch Wertlieb? In answer to the question posed by several listeners, Mitch sends this message: "I'm doing great and can't wait to be back!"

Mitch had hip replacement surgery in November. You may say "What? Mitch is too young for that!" Mitch is proof you're never too young to have hip problems. After many years of arthritic pain, he finally decided to go under the knife. When his daughter Gretchen started walking, it became clear that hip replacement was the only way Mitch could keep up with her.

He'll be filing a report on the experience when he gets back. You can leave your comments and wishes below.

In the meantime, many thanks to Peter Biello for waking up to that early alarm and keeping VPR listeners informed during Morning Edition.

Franny Bastian
Senior Producer


  1. Best of luck Mitch! Good luck with your recovery...

    - Brendan

  2. Heal quickly Mitch. I really miss you and I'm not that kind of guy.
    Ben Benedict

  3. We miss you, Mitch and can't wait to hear your voice again each morning. Peter is doing a good job but we're people of habit! Best of luck on your rehab.
    Sandie and Reeve, Norwich

  4. Get well soon Mitch.

  5. You are missed Mitch. Peter is doing a great job in your absence but he has big shoes to fill. I got a bionic hip in my early 40's - older than you I suspect. Isn't it great? Best of luck with your rehab.
    P.S. My favorite and only niece is named Gretchen.

  6. Jeez! I thought we lost you, Mitch!?! Please, while you mend could you do another interview with Bill "Earthman" Lee? You are missed, so get well soon.


  7. Calls keep coming into the front desk asking about Mitch's absence. All are very relieved to know that he will be returning, and wish him a speedy recovery. And, per call, all say we "really miss him!"

  8. Mitch really knows how to get the big gifts for his December 2nd Birthday - a new hip!


  9. Mitch has surgery.
    The sutures. The months of rehab.
    The pain, the agony!

    Mitch has surgery.
    No familiar "Good morning!"
    The pain, the agony!

    I think this puts an end to your dream to be drafted by the Red Sox, Mitch.

    Be well, do good work, etc.

  10. Mitch:

    If I had known you had hip pain, I never would have given you such a hard time about the Bruins at 'BUR!

    That said, I'm very glad you are on the mend and it will be nice to hear you in the mornings once again!

    Best wishes for a fast recovery, and Happy Holidays!

    Pamela G.,

  11. hello Mitch! I miss you on the early morning hours at mvy...
    I, too had hip surgery ~ both in fact... (L) last september and (R) in july ~ can't wait to get my dancin shoes back on!

    sarah jackson (formerly of Marion/now back in Westport,MA)


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