Monday, November 23, 2009

National Week of Listening

The second annual National Day of Listening is Friday, November 27th. This public radio campaign was created by the producers of StoryCorps to encourage all of us to create our own 'oral history'. Perhaps you caught Scott Simon's interview Saturday with his six year old adopted daughter or Danial Schorr talking with his son about living through the Great Depression. You'll hear more on NPR this week.

Here at VPR, we decided to turn it into a National Week of Listening and we hope that you'll join in. VPR Commentators were invited to get the ball rolling by sharing family stories that have been passed down through the generations. They jumped at the opportunity, and the stories they share with us this week are a delight: circus elephants grazing in a Vermont field, a Christmas tree cut in half and nailed to the wall, and the capture of a Confederate commander by the seat of his pants. Listen mornings at @7:55 and evenings at 5:55 and follow the series online.

Participating in the National Day of Listening is easy. Reserve time with someone important to you and sit down for a chat. If you have the equipment, record your interview and save it for others to hear. We hope you'll summarize your experience and share it with the VPR Community here.

Best wishes for the holiday from all of us at VPR - and happy listening!

Franny Bastian

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