Wednesday, November 18, 2009

VPR's prEview E-Newsletter, November 18

When we get together for the holidays, conversation usually comes around to my parents telling stories about their courtship. One of my favorites is how they used to call each set of parents to find out who was cooking the best dinner on any given night, and invite themselves over. Since both of their mothers were excellent cooks – my father’s for traditional meat and potatoes, my mother’s for Italian specialties – they often ended up having dinner twice! It’s just one of the reasons my parents are my heroes.

I’m taking a page from their book this Thanksgiving and having three different holiday dinners. To help keep things interesting and disaster-free, I’ll be listening to Turkey Confidential on Thanksgiving morning for ideas, advice and real-time turkey triage from the folks at The Splendid Table. There’s more about Turkey Confidential in this edition of prEview. Plus, VPR commentators share their own family stories in advance of the National Day of Listening. Plus, in VPR Cooks, Cheryl Willoughby shares a favorite Thanksgiving recipe that has nothing to do with a traditional turkey dinner.

Michelle Jeffery

Turkey Confidential
Thanksgiving Day, 11 a.m. on VPR
On the day even non-cooks are busy in the kitchen, Lynne Rossetto Kasper and the rest of the folks at The Splendid Table will take your culinary questions and turkey triage. You can call in during the program at 1-800-537-5252, join a live chat, or ask your question online. Visit the Turkey Confidential website for more information, recipes, and to share pictures and stories of your Thanksgiving successes and disasters.

VPR Cooks: Non-Traditional Thanksgiving?
In Cheryl Willoughby’s house, Thanksgiving dinner does not include turkey, mashed potatoes, or even cranberry sauce. Instead, she prepares a complex, special meal of some particular ethnicity. Indian cuisine (that's South Asian Indian, not Native American) is her favorite. Visit our website for her recipe for Sambhara (Gujerati-style cabbage with carrots).

National Day of Listening
November 23-27 at 7:55 and 5:55 on VPR
We hope you’ll join us for the second annual National Day of Listening. Listen all next week as VPR commentators share their families’ treasured stories. Then, on the day after Thanksgiving, set aside some time to have a conversation with someone important to you. Interview a relative, friend, or mentor. You’ll find more information and pointers at our website.

NPR: What We’re Reading
NPR covers a lot of books every week. Among them, there are always a handful of standouts — the shortlist, the books with buzz. "What We're Reading" brings you the NPR book team’s picks of the most interesting new fiction and nonfiction releases, along with candid comments from reporters, hosts and staffers.

Vermont Edition: Doug Racine
Friday, November 20, noon on VPR
The 2010 gubernatorial election is a year away, but several democratic candidates have already announced their intention to run. This Friday, we continue our series of candidate interviews when we’ll be joined by Chittenden County State Senator Doug Racine. Email your question for Sen. Racine to Check out VPR’s coverage of the 2010 gubernatorial election here.

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