Monday, February 14, 2011

Federal Funding in Jeopardy

Dear VPR Listeners,

Federal funding for public broadcasting is facing its greatest threat ever. The House Appropriations Committee has released a continuing resolution (H.R. 1) to fund the federal government when the current CR expires on March 4. This resolution eliminates all federal support for local public television and radio stations.

The loss of federal funding would have a devastating effect on public media across the country including Vermont Public Radio. Federal funding provides 10% of Vermont Public Radio’s funding, approximately $650,000. Some say that there is no longer a need for federal support for public broadcasting. Others believe it’s one of the worthiest places to invest federal dollars. More importantly, though, is what you think.

We hope you will call your members of Congress and tell them how much you value public broadcasting and what you think of the proposed cuts. Vermont’s Congressional delegation is fully supportive of federal funding for public broadcasting, but it’s still important to tell them what you think of the proposed cuts. If you live in another state, I encourage you to contact your representatives as well. And please help us by spreading the word to your friends and family.

Congress could take action on these cuts in the next few days, so please act now. You can also show your support by visiting and sign up to receive updates.

Because the future of Vermont Public Radio and public broadcasting is at stake, it is important that your elected representatives hear directly from you about whether or not funding for public broadcasting should be continued.

Many thanks,

Robin Turnau

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