Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Poem for VPR Pledge Drive

Julie Parker of Granville, Vermont sent us this poem yesterday when VPR's Morning Edition Host Mitch Wertlieb asked listeners for poems about supporting VPR.

We welcome your missives, poems, haiku and songs!

Every day I fall in love with Vee...Pee...Arrr
In fact, I'd just begun an ode on my guitar
When Mitch's call for poems came- coincidence bizarre-
"Send 'em in," he seemed to say, "above or below par."

Radios in Every Room, VPR All Day

Flipping knob at 8am we come to, groggy, twitchin,
Marshall, Keillor, Eye on Sky, we hear you. Now to kitchen.
Straight to boom box, curse the static, on goes 107.
Tom, Good Lord, your Egypt talk has glued us past eleven.
When to ski? It's Here and Now and then Vermont Edition
Racine's right, our state's near broke, but Off with this emission!
I love VPR, but life goes on sans your permission.

Boots off, snow stomped, back for wine, sit quiet by a fire?
Yes. No....Let's just twist the knob, for NPR's late wire.

What would happen if, instead of you friends on the air
Life drove us to Internet, and at a screen we'd stare?
Gone the voices we so love and gone the close connection
Let us Pledge our heart and mind to hold off mass dejection.
-- Julie Parker, VPR Listener

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