Saturday, February 26, 2011

Opera Quiz For February

It's been so much fun having an occasional opera quiz that we've decided to start a mini-series of them this spring!

Once a month from now through May when you listen to Saturday Afternoon at the Opera with Peter Fox Smith you'll have a chance to hear from a great operatic voice, pick up a clue or two, and take your best guess as to who the voice is.

Our 'mystery voices' so far have included Austrian tenor Richard Tauber and American Wagnerian soprano Helen Traubel. A week ago, we held February's quiz. We were looking for the name of a singer whose most notable role was in the opera Don Pasquale - AND, a singer who was just as famous for his café songs. Any guesses?

We now know this Italian tenor had three Christian names (Raffaele Attilio Amedeo) , none of which were actually his stage name. In 1929, he appeared in a short film, singing an aria from Martha. And, like his contemporary Richard Tauber, also enjoyed success as a conductor.

Ready for the answer?

The mystery voice is.................Italian tenor Tito Schipa!

Thanks to everyone who sent in guesses, the winner of this month's opera quiz is Edward Roesner of Saranac Lake, NY. Congratulations! He will be receiving an inscribed copy of Peter Fox Smith's book A Passion for Opera.

Listen for the next Saturday Afternoon at the Opera quizzes on March 26th, April 16th, and May 7th.

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