Monday, February 7, 2011

VPR Penguins Plunge!

For the fourth consecutive year, a group of brave VPR staffers jumped into Lake Champlain in Burlington to raise money for the Special Olympics! It was perfect plunging weather - partly cloudy, temperatures in the low 30's, and little to no wind. Thank you to everyone who came out and cheered us on!

At left: Ric Cengeri and I take the plunge...and yes, my shirt says "I listened to NPR before it was cool!" Photo courtesy Emily McManamy of the Burlington Free Press.

Right: No running and screaming for us, we public radio people are far too dignified for that sort of thing. Instead, VPR Penguinis Jean Ferguson, Alaina Janack, Ric Cengeri, and Michelle Jeffery march defiantly to the water. Photo Courtesy Steve Ferguson.

Finally, I cannot publish this post without noting (okay, bragging) that I plunged TWICE this year, with VPR and with the Green Mountain Derby Dames, my roller derby league. But VPR still got a shout out on that plunge - my derby name is Susan Slamberg, and my number is 107.9 FM! Photo below courtesy of Karen Pike.

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