Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Test-Run for "America's Test Kitchen Radio"

His public television show features a science-like attention to detail and fans of his mostly black-and-white magazine have come to expect lovingly-rendered pencil drawings of eggplant.

Now, Christopher Kimball is bringing that same no-nonsense delivery to radio! Kimball, whom Slate Magazine calls, “deliciously square,” is launching a new series of call-in shows and VPR will air this trial run as part of our VPR Saturday Special.

With decades of Cook’s Illustrated publications and “Cook’s Country” TV episodes under his apron strings, Kimball strives to help you find the best equipment, the best ingredients and the best recipes on this brand new program.

The first episode features Kimball’s visit to a cafeteria in Dorset, Vermont, to investigate school lunches. He also takes on the not-so-terrible task of tasting chocolate ice cream.

And fear not! Your favorite VPR cooking and call-in show, “The Splendid Table,” is not going anywhere! VPR will continue to air "The Splendid Table," at noon on Saturdays!

Your feedback regarding this new program is vital. Give "America's Test Kitchen" a listen and tell us what you think. The VPR Saturday Special begins this Saturday at 4 on VPR and at VPR-dot-net.


  1. Christopher Kimble is flat and boring and irritating. 'Cook's Illustrated' is a wonderful magazine, they tend to rehash the same things over and over, but there is no doubt any recipe from Cook's Test Kitchen will work. The recipes for the most part are very usable.
    Get someone from 'Eating Well' past or present! No one can compare with 'The Splendid Table', so maybe borrow some of their format. Honestly, Mr. Kimble and American's Test Kitchen videos are informative but, grating. The radio show callers also seem more 'Cooks County'. Sorry it's a great idea, but not working.

  2. I absolutely Love Christopher Kimble. I moved here to Vermont from Michigan. In Michigan, America's Test Kitchen was a feature on a program called Create. Of every feature on Create, Chris Kimble and the which ever test cook was featured for that segment or the various products or kitchen gadgets tested) American's Test Kitchen is fabulous and very stimulating, every time. I've never watched a show with Chris I did not thoroughly enjoy. I am thrilled that VPR is giving this a test run and I very much hope to the program be coming a regular feature. It's perfect for Vermont. Thumbs UP, all the way! 4:00PM on Saturday, my radio will be tuned onto VPR and played all over the house.


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