Thursday, July 26, 2012

Give Q A Listen

Listen next week for Q, a new program we're piloting on VPR. Q is a lively arts, culture, and entertainment magazine hosted by Jian Ghomeshi. We’re testing it out for a few days at 8 p.m. beginning Monday, July 30th. We’re asking you to give it a listen and let us know what you think.

Q explores our cultural landscape, bringing you new ideas from the people who are paving the way. Ghomeshi has interviewed an array of prominent international figures from prime ministers to sports stars and cultural icons. He offers his own editorial insights on the day's events and laces the show with insight and wit. You’ll also hear live music that runs the gamut from R&B to folk-punk. Produced by the CBC, Q is the most popular arts and entertainment program in Canada and is increasing in popularity in the U.S.  The program was profiled in the New York Times July 22nd.

The retirement of Tom and Ray Magliozzi from Car Talk has prompted an important discussion about innovation in public radio. VPR strives to give you the opportunity to hear the best public radio programming being produced today – by stations, networks and independent producers. The TED Radio Hour, Snap Judgement, The Moth Radio Hour, State of the Re:Union, American RadioWorks, and Radiolab are all programs that started out ‘new’ and are now favorites. Piloting Q is a continuation of VPR’s commitment to trying new things.

I hope you’ll give Q a listen and let us know what you think. We’re testing it out for a few days at 8 p.m. beginning Monday.  Learn more about Q here.

For more about innovation in public radio, listen to Vermont Edition from July 20th, which featured conversations with VPR President Robin Turnau and Ira Glass of This American Life.


  1. Remember freedom of speech... when people said what was on their minds? Are we being censored to death for political correctness?

    The term “Wetback” is much easier and a more descriptive way of referring to a mexican who has crossed into the USA by swimming the Rio Grande. What could be more precise and neutral a way to be descriptive with such brevity? I don’t get the negative association this incident suggests that others have with the word. Willem used it to describe a friend.

    What’s the big deal? Am sorry that your station did not defend Willem, did not defend his rights, but chose to impose "control" over free expression. This is a bad sign.

  2. Q: This is a fine program that I already listen to and is posted twice a day on 91.7 (Canadian Public Radio)
    This means less news again in a time that has always been important for people working. What about "The Wild Side" or "The Age of Persuasion" from CBC.CA or a variety of other interesting ones like "The State of the Nation" which was an excellant show. The 8:30-9 pm show now is very good. I heard another program called Our Planet or something like that and it was very good. If we have to replace the news, it would be nice to have more than one program and not just Q.

  3. I also listen to Q on the CBC- i think most of those who live on the northern tier receive the CBC. Already getting Spark on CBC too.
    Christine- derby

  4. I live in Canada much of the year and enjoy "Q" tremendously - and miss it during my months in Vermont. I am delighted that my Vermont friends will now be introduced to Jian. He has a fine mind and a superb interviewing style. I am sure you will enjoy his show.

  5. Q is a total bore. Bring back the previous 8 o'clock news program.

  6. VPR should pick-up both "Q" and "As It Happens" from the CBC, and broadcast them from 9 to 11 p.m., replacing the evening jazz block, which isn't the same after George Thomas's retirement.


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