Friday, July 6, 2012

WVPS 107.9 At Low Power Week Of July 9

Coverage map for the WVPS backup antenna

Next week beginning Monday, July 9, WVPS 107.9 will broadcasting at low power from an auxiliary antenna in order to complete essential and significant antenna work. The work is expected to last 2-3 days* and will result in a noisy or loss of signal for some of our listeners, particularly those in Quebec and to the northwest of the WVPS coverage area. WVPS listening area.

Part of the work will include relocating parts of the antenna to effect the amount of power directed toward the horizon, and as a result the WVPS coverage area may be slightly altered after the work is completed. Affected areas will most likely be on the fringe areas of the signal or possibly the coverage area closest to the antenna.

Vermont’s short summers mean we have a small window of opportunity to get necessary work done at our mountain transmitter sites while the weather is generally cooperative. We know you count on VPR to be there for you everyday, and we want to thank you very much for your patience in advance.

If you are able, we hope you will listen to online at or by using the VPR iPhone app or our mobile site at

Update 7/12/12
We learned late yesterday that the work on WVPS will take longer than expected, due to challenges with the layout of panels for the new antenna. The station will remain at low power through Friday, we'll be at full power over the weekend, then go back to low power for a couple days next week (weather-permitting) to complete the work. We know this is frustrating for many listeners. We want to thank you again for your patience, and please know that we are working to get these upgrades finished as soon as possible.

Update 7/16/12
WVPS is back at low power today to finish up the work. If all goes well, we should be back on the air at full power this afternoon. Thank you again for your patience!


  1. Unable to get you at low power from Bakersfield. We hope the improvements to the antenna will help us with less static. Mountains are a problem. North Country Public Radio from Canton NY has put in at least 33 small broadcasting entities (not sure of all terms) in many places in the Adirondack Mountains to accommodate the difficult to reach places. Instead of going with big broadcasting antennae, perhaps putting repeater stations of low power in many places would help more potential members to donate money if your stations can be heard. Where we live is not a very good pace to receive 107.9. We need to move a small antenna in our house constantly to get static free reception which is not always possible.

    Sue Sonski, Bakersfield vt

  2. I'm a listener from Montreal, west island. I was so sad not to be able to pick up your signal recently. Thank you for letting us know via internet. Maybe in the future you could mention it on air as well.
    I'm so glad it's temporary.

    1. VPR was periodically forewarning their audience between their broadcasts.

  3. good luck with your antenna work this week.

    Just to let you know: your signal coverage here in Montreal is just about impossible — and I have several "serious" radios to choose from! The only venue I can pick up your signal with is in my car.

    Long live public radio and good luck coming back with better signal.


  4. Dear Madam,
    Dear Sir,

    I am actually happy to read about the work being done on the antenna, I thought I had lost VPR forever ! Yours is the only radio station (along with the CBC) worth listening to. Keep up the good work and many thanks for your great service !
    Daniel Provost
    Montréal, Québec

  5. Timing of this work is a little discouraging. You might want to think about not giving folks poor reception for a week right after a pledge drive where they've listened to appeals for money for 2 weeks. Funny how the reception was crystal clear during the pledge drive...

  6. Shouldn't "affected areas" read 'effected areas'?

  7. Hi, I live in Bakersfeild and have had little to no reception since your work started (In my home and car.)As of 7:00 PM on Wed. still no signal.
    Your posting states that 'coverage area may be slightly altered" as a result of this antenna work. Does this mean I've lost reception for good? Please confirm.

    You can please email me @ to let me know what's up. Thanks

  8. NO, IT'S NOT A WAVE'S WAR. NOW I KNOW WHAT IT IS.I HOPE THE BEST TO COME . andre begin - Boucherville QC

  9. The absence of VPR for these few days confirms what an important part of my routine the station is. I'm in the West Island of Montreal and I hope our reception will be improved by the upgrade. At the moment I am listening to your streaming system and to BBC World Service when my least favorite VPR programs are on. Don't stay off the air too long as you may not tempt me back! Just Kidding!)
    Suzanne Dawson, Pointe Claire, Montreal Quebec

  10. \(o_0)/ "Coverage area may be slightly altered" - I live in Newport, and we have to 'fight' with a 107.9 signal from a CIBM, a Quebec station. If your signal becomes any weaker up here, we'll be listening to 107.9 FM from Riviere-du-Loup instead of VPR. Can you enlighten us as to how these changes will (hopefully) "improve" the coverage area???

  11. Peter Huff-RousselleJuly 13, 2012 at 4:38 PM

    Well ... "You never miss the water 'til ..." :)

    Up here north of Mt. Orford in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, I'm right on the edge of your "normal" coverage area. Hope the modifications to your antenna don't have us losing your signal completely. (Not sure the implications of changing the focus pattern of your beam).

    I'm a US resident (Boston) but Canadian citizen, with a cottage up here in Quebec. I've been on the road for many decades, out of the US for much of the time, sometimes years at a stretch. One of the few things I really miss while travelling is NPR, so being able to listen on the internet has always been a huge plus.

    Even here across the border, where it often feels like a refuge from many of the ills of current American culture and politics, the signal from VPR always seems to keep me connected with the very best that US society has to offer, and reminds me of the incredible potential of my adopted country, even when things look bleakest. And of all the spots across the States, Vermont seems as close as it gets to the best of both worlds and cultures. And VPR is it's flagship, for my money. (A long-time sustaining member, wherever I may happen to be.)

    Oh yeah - the antenna :)

    Good luck with that!

  12. I am so glad to here the poor reception recently is because of atenna work. My family and I returned from a 19 day vacation to FL and VA on July 9th. During the vacation we decided to disconnect our Dish television service to get ourselves and our children away from the TV. Which is going great by the way. However, when I realized that VPR was not coming in well enough to listen to in my house or my car I was so disappointed because as an avid listener I had planned on increasing my listening time to get the information (news) that I had previously gotten from television. So glad it will be over soon. PS NHPR is a good substitute.

  13. Has the work on the antenna been completed? I ask because reception on Montreal's west-island is not as good at in the past, there is noticeable background hiss. Hopefully reception will improve soon.

  14. Any status update on the WVPS antenna work, reception in Montreal is full of hiss to say the least. Hopefully the work still has a ways to completion.


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