Friday, July 6, 2012

Six National PRNDI Awards For VPR News

VPR News was recognized last weekend by our peers in public radio for our extensive coverage of Tropical Storm Irene's aftermath.

VPR News received four 1st Place awards and two 2nd Place honors at Public Radio News Directors Inc.'s annual conference. PRNDI singles out the best work in public radio each year in four categories. VPR competes in the large station category, which includes major metro stations WNYC, WBUR, and KPLU.

Here are the awards that VPR won:

First Place - Continuing Coverage. Coverage of Tropical Storm Irene.
First Place - Best Multi-Media Presentation. The Irene Effect: Responding to a Tropical Storm's Destruction.
First Place - News/Public Affairs Program. Vermont Edition: Update of Storm Devastation.
First Place - Commentary. April Doherty: First Days.
Second Place - News Feature. Plymouth Rallies Around Residents Who Lost Homes To Irene.
Second Place - Use of Sound. Tapping Backyard Maples.

We appreciate the recognition, of course, but it's bittersweet, considering that we were reporting on the worst disaster to hit our region in decades. We are dedicated to covering the story of Irene recovery for as long as necessary. Thank you for putting your trust in VPR News.

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