Monday, July 16, 2012

A New Antenna For WVPR 89.5 And WNCH 88.1

We just wanted to let you know that later this week, WVPR 89.5 in Windsor and WNCH 88.1 in Norwich will be operating at low power to install a new antenna on Mount Ascutney for those stations.

This concludes months of work to upgrade these signals. As part of a granted-funded project, the entire transmission systems have been replaced. The final piece of this work involves installing a new antenna.The improvements will allow us to quadruple the size of the HD signal for WVPR and WNCH, and provide VPR Classical coverage for an additional 10,000 people in the Upper Valley.

In order to ensure the safety of the tower crew and accommodate for the extensive work, WVPR and WNCH will be broadcasting at low power from an auxiliary antenna during that time - which will result in a noisy or reduced signal for some listeners.

This work is expected to begin Tuesday, July 17 and finish up next Monday, July 23. The work is weather-dependent, so that is just our best estimate - we will keep you updated as we learn more.

If you are able, I hope you will listen to online at or by using the VPR iPhone app or our mobile site at And as always, thank you for your patience - we are working to get the work done as soon as possible.

7/27/12 Update: Engineers had to stay off the mountain on Thursday and Friday due to the weather. 88.1 will operate at full power today and over the weekend, 89.5 has to remain at low power until the work is completed, which is expected on Monday.


  1. Thanks for the explanation! I listen to the Mt. Ascutney signal on my car radio near Amherst, MA (during breaks from work), and I noticed the signal was way down, earlier this week. I do have a radio background (amateur and commercial licenses), and so I was wondering if the directional pattern had been changed on the Ascutney antenna for some reason. Glad to know it's only a temporary situation! Love the station. -- Dave (KB1F, amateur callsign, founding member of WXOJ-LP 103.3, Northampton)

  2. So I'm a sustaining member here in Southern Vermont listening to NHPR because even with a powered antenna VPR's signal is so weak and noisy. I can't use a computer when I'm working and listening on a phone is impossible in this area (no coverage)even if I had one. The weather has been perfect up to a couple of days ago so I'm wondering when the work will be done. There was an update mentioned above.

  3. I have heard that how much the antenna would be placed high, signal would be also as good as according tho the height of the antenna.

  4. The height of the aerial would definitely help in acquiring a good quality and stable signal.

    It's good news to see the station upgrading to increase coverage for it's listeners.


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