Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sharing The Love (Letters)

Greta the Pledge Dog helps us sort through comments
Did you know that when a listener emails a comment to VPR with praise, constructive criticism, or whatever else is on their mind, the entire staff hears about it?

No, really.

You see, when a person uses our online comment form, a copy of the message goes to each member of the staff, whether you are in news, programming, traffic, development or engineering. So we're always listening as you listen to VPR.

We believe that this feedback loop is incredibly important and at the core of our mission of public service. Receiving these comments (the good, bad, and ugly) helps us understand how we are doing in general, alerts us to problems with online listening or at one of our transmission sites, feeds our thinking about new programs, and more.

One of the most rewarding aspects of a membership drive is the flood of comments that we receive as listeners make their pledge online or over the phone.

Here's a sample:
"Best public radio station I've listened to in 16 years in the U.S. living in three different states! Keep it up!" - Brad Ketterling, Burlington, VT

"I'm embarrassed that I didn't do this years ago." - Jack Adams, Fair Haven, VT

"I currently live in Chongquing, China and I want to thank you for the live streams of both VPR and the BBC." - Tucker Van Aken, Bolton, MA 

"I like everything except that Mitch is a Red Sox fan!" - Suzanne Dafni, Wallingford, VT

"Making this gift in honor of my late father who loved VPR Classical." - Cecelia Brelsford, White River Junction, VT

"We listen to VPR in Vermont in the summer and stream from Costa Rica in the winter." - Casey Henson, Peru, VT

"I'm enjoying the programming less and less, but still hanging in there ;-)" - Marielle Blas, Brandon, VT

"I just watched the video and had to pledge...great job!" - Amanda Tucker, Montpelier VT

"Just moved to Montreal and sooooooo pleased to find you here on the radio! I would have missed NPR otherwise." - Noa Davidai, Verdun, QC

"The guilt was killing me! I hate you, I love you VPR!!" - Nathaniel Halstead, Winooski, VT
Great stuff. Thanks to everyone who has pledged so far during our winter membership drive. The finish line is quickly approaching, so if you haven't made a pledge yet, please do so today.

And keep those comments coming. We're listening.

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