Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You Did It! The VPR Winter Membership Drive, By The Numbers

After a membership drive, the VPR staff's routine looks something like this:
  1. Cheer and feel appreciation for the tremendous support we receive during a drive.
  2. Head to the gym after work to address the few extra pounds that may have accumulated (thanks in part to the delicious food from our business partners!).
  3. Carefully count the pledges we received during the drive.
  4. Personally call and thank all new members (really!).
  5. And some of us vow to never again challenge listeners with the promise of making a lip-synch video.

Our team spends the week after the drive diligently recording all gifts received during the drive, following up with new sustaining members or others who had questions about their pledge. After all of the tabulation, we take a look at the numbers to analyze how things went and to see if we can do a better job next time.

Here's a quick summary of what we learned:
  • Total Raised: $548,175
  • Total Days of On-air Fundraising: 9
  • Total Number of Pledges: 4,922
  • Average Gift: $111.37
  • Total Challenges Offered: $60,000
  • New Members: 916
  • New Sustaining Members: 1,015
  • Sustaining Members Who Increased Monthly Support: 239
  • Amount Received Before The Drive Began: $119,684
  • Pledges by Mail: 1,407
  • Pledges by Phone: 2,245
  • Pledges by Web: 1,270
Our goal for the drive was $500,000. We saw an amazing surge on the last day of the drive thanks to a special challenge that was offered in the last hour. We also saw a number of gifts come in through the mail after the on-air portion of a drive was over.

Thanks to everyone who pledged during this winter membership drive. Thanks also to our sustaining members, who provide key support month after month. We are extremely grateful for your financial support!

I'd appreciate hearing from you with any feedback about the drive and our fundraising efforts in general. Just use the comment section below, or contact me directly. Also, let me know if you think our "Daily Drive Reports" were informative, or how we might better communicate with you during membership drives.

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