Sunday, February 7, 2010

Getting Ready for the Big Game

Happy Superbowl Sunday! I just wanted to give you an update on VPR's Membership Drive and a heads up on our strategy for bringing you more programming and less fund raising on Monday.

Thanks to every one who has participated so far. You've contributed $321,700, so we have $258,300 to go to reach our goal. Thanks to early bird contributors, VPR was able to shorten the drive by one day, so you won't hear any fundraising today.

Tomorrow is VPR's Monday Morning Blitz! Here's the plan: If VPR can raise $30,000 by 9 o'clock we can stop fund raising for the day. And I'll let you in on our secret strategy: set your alarm early, and get in on the dollar for dollar match that begins at 6am.

Thanks you you, VPR's Ground Hog Day Power Morning was a success - we reached our goal for the day and stopped fund raising at 9. With your help, our Monday Morning Blitz will also be a success.

What does your contribution pay for? It goes to NPR to bring you much of the programming you hear each day. Your pledge also keeps our transmitters on the air and pays for recording kits for our journalists. Your donation - no matter how large or small - keeps VPR independent, and independence is the spirit of public radio.

If you're a football fan, enjoy the game! Hope to hear from you Monday morning.

Franny Bastian

PS: click here to contribute today.

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