Monday, February 15, 2010

Thanks For a Successful, Shorter Drive!

Thanks to everyone who made VPR's Winter Membership drive a success. We exceeded our goal for the drive and ended early. VPR received more than 6000 pledges totaling more than $588,000.

VPR's financial goal for the drive was $580,000; we also wanted to achieve the goal as quickly as possible. Thanks to you, VPR was able to do both. Here's the math:

Listeners who contributed before the drive let us shorten the 12 day drive by one day, so there was no on air fund raising on Sunday the 7th. Our Ground Hog Day Power Morning was also a success. VPR listeners helped us complete an entire day's fund raising by 9am ($48,000), so we were able to take the rest of the day off.

Then on Monday the 8th, the day after Superbowl, VPR listeners came through again. Our Monday Morning Blitz raised $30,000 before 9am and we took the rest of the day off. Finally, VPR listeners came through in the home stretch, allowing us to end the drive at 9am on Friday instead of 7pm.

Counting each of those days that we ended early as 2/3 of a day, the drive was three days shorter than planned! It's also important to note that VPR's 5000+ sustaining members also play an important role in allowing VPR to bring you more programming and less on air fund raising. The consistent monthly donations from our sustaining members allow us to plan shorter membership drives.

We also want to recognize the many volunteers who contribute their time, talents and humor to VPR Membership Drives year after year, as well as our business partners who donate drawing prizes and food.

On behalf of everyone at VPR, Thanks!

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  1. VPR fundraising is ugly, uncreative and banal.

    Any other non-profit organization has to get out and hustle. VPR simply routinely abuses its listeners with its "give to make us go away" philosophy.


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