Thursday, February 4, 2010

We're Taking The Plunge!

We were worried maybe we were getting a little soft with our fundraising efforts here at VPR. I mean, don't get me wrong, raising money to bring you Vermont Public Radio programming is lot of work. But they're also a great change of pace. During membership drives, we spend time with colleagues we never get to see, there's more energy and fervor, and we're surrounded by great volunteers and great food....not to mention the comfy chairs and heated building.

Weaklings never prosper, so a few of us decided the way to harden us for the rest of this pledge drive would be to step out of our centrally-heated, cushy radio studios and go jump into the freezing waters of Lake Champlain.

This Saturday is the annual Penguin Plunge to benefit the Special Olympics. The VPR Penguinis has its largest team ever with five warm-blooded, warm-hearted, and slightly off-balance teammates: Captain (and Ringleader) Ric Cengeri, David Warren, Joe Goetz, myself (Michelle Jeffery), and my sister, Lauren Jeffery, who will be visiting this weekend and, like me, will try anything ridiculous at least twice.

Of course, the real reason for doing this is our fundamental belief in helping others and our communities. The Special Olympics gives people with disabilities the opportunity to pursue the athletic endeavors many of us take for granted. Click here if you’d like to support our team!

Ironically, more than half of us are recovering from knee injuries. Fortunately, training for such an endeavor seems to be minimal. So far, it has involved standing outdoors without a coat on, drinking a cold beverage, and rolling around in the snow before coming to our senses, running screaming back inside yelling, “WHAT was I THINKING?”

The weather forecast for Saturday calls for mostly sunny skies and temps in the mid-teens, with 4-5 mph winds. Wish us luck, and please feel free to stop by Saturday to bear witness to this madness! And check back next week for photos.

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