Thursday, February 11, 2010

Step Right Up, Get Your VPR Here!

The new VPR Artist Mug is one of those designs that looks just like it sounds when we describe it on the air. Designed by Toni-Lee Sangastiano to look like an old-time carnival poster, it entices people to check out the "AMAZING Vermont Public Radio, informing and entertaining our listeners, LIVE!" It's a neat departure from some of our other designs (which you can see at our Artist Mug Gallery), and takes our mug series into yet another artistic direction. Here's what Toni-Lee had to say about her design:

"Amazing" not only describes VPR, but also my experience designing the VPR Artist Mug! From Click and Clack as the Siamese Twins to Steve Maleski as the Mind Reader or Coney Island's Astroland Park, this final idea was the clear winner.
My inspiration was based on a historical circus/sideshow banner. VPR entertains and informs and this mug is the perfect combination of my art and my tribute to my favorite radio station. Thanks, VPR! It is an honor!

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