Monday, March 1, 2010

Be Part Of The Town Meeting Day Coverage

It's time for Town Meeting Day in Vermont and, as always, you can count on VPR to provide you with all the major news, developments, and results across the state. Now, with the advent of social media, you can use blogs and sites such as Twitter to join the larger conversation and be part of that coverage as well.

If you're a Blogger, Twitter user, or avid photographer, use that media to share your experiences at Town Meeting. If you're a blogger, write a post on your town's meeting and the issues of importance to you. If you use Twitter, consider "live tweeting" your meeting, sharing helpful observations, or re-Tweeting what others write. If you're a photographer, bring your digital camera to your meeting and post your photos and videos with online services such as Flickr and YouTube. VPR will link to Town Meeting content on many of the major social media sites, with Town Meeting Tweets flowing through in real-time on the Town Meeting Page.

In all cases, make sure you use the appropriate Social Media tags so your content is aggregated together with everyone else. Tags and hashtags are essentially just labels which allow anyone to find just the content associated with any particular topic. For example, if you want to see all the Tweets on Twitter that are associated with Town Meeting Day in Vermont, just search on the hashtag #TMDVT (of course, if you use Twitter, be sure to tag your Tweets with the #tmdvt hashtag). If you're a blogger, photographer, or videographer, use the tag TMDVT10. For a full list of tags and links, visit VPR's Town Meeting Day page at and look for the section labeled "Join The Conversation".

If you don't use Social Media and have never blogged or posted photos online, that's OK - you can post your comments and photos directly on Just visit our Town Meeting Page and click "View The Discussion" in the right column, or just click here.

We hope you'll share your perspective on Town Meeting with VPR and the entire state - whether it's in the form of paragraphs, photos, or Tweets!

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration VPR. I've compiled my tweets from Marlboro's Town Meeting here:

    Note: Townspeople laughed when I announced I had been live "tweeting" the meeting. Most had no idea what that meant!


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