Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tweeting, Broadcasting, and Posting Town Meeting Day

For years, VPR News has produced a special evening show to report up-to-the-minute results on Town Meeting Day. This year, it was enriched more than ever by Tweets and blogs and all kinds of social media.

While VPR's Bob Kinzel was on the air with guest Chris Graff, several VPR News staffers were scrolling through blogs, Tweeting, and scouring the Internet for results and information. Of course, we also used the now-old-fashioned but tried-and-true telephone (the kind that's plugged into the wall; remember those?), email, and actually going to the town meetings and polling places where the news was being made.

We had results faster than ever by marrying all of those technologies. As we gathered information from all of our various sources, senior producer Patti Daniels passed it along to Bob in the studio, who kept our listening audience on top of developments. We heard on the air from VPR staff around the state. And VPR VP for News and Programming John Van Hoesen was our Tweeter-in-chief -- and the man behind the @vprnet logo on Twitter all night!

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  1. That is good news for vermont people to tweets, share newly updates on Town Meeting Day!!


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