Monday, March 15, 2010

A Very Good Season

My husband Mike and I visited the High Meadow Farm sugar house in East Burke on Sunday. We first visited there a year ago on Maple Open House Weekend. Using a GPS, we found our way down muddy Burke Hollow Road to this beautiful farm on a hill with a breath-taking view. It was on that day I discovered and became addicted to maple cream.

We talked with Vernon Gray as he sat in the steamy sugar house monitoring his syrup for the perfect temperature and consistency. He explained how just that day they had spent hours cleaning every nook and cranny of the boiler, and would do so again many times during the boiling season. Vernon, who runs the farm with his wife Ellen, told us that this year is the best he's seen in a long time. He apologized that he hadn't had time to shave. The sap is running so fast that he and his manager of operations, Gerry O'Meara, have been working from 6am till midnight or later for many days on end.

I was hoping to buy some more maple cream, but alas, I will have to wait till next weekend. Gerry has been so busy he hasn't had time to make any. Mike and I drove away with the sweet smell of the maple steam lingering in our noses. By the way, Maple Open House weekend begins next Friday - March 26th through the 28th.

Click here to see more photos of maple sugaring in Vermont and add your own. You can also listen to the Vermont Edition program about maple history and traditions.

Franny Bastian

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