Friday, May 28, 2010

Bill Lee Can Still Bring It

Spend five minutes with former major league pitcher Bill Lee and you'll re-capture the love of the game that you had when you were 8 years old. He still has that youthful enthusiasm for baseball. Bill stopped by VPR this week to tape a segment for Vermont Edition on how to throw the curve ball. It will be part of an ongoing series airing over the next few months called Summer 101.

Bill, who calls Craftsbury Common home, is affable, intelligent and funny. And is still in great shape. He took a group of VPR staff members out to the parade ground at Fort Ethan Allen to school us on the fine art of pitching. Clad in t-shirt, shorts and Birkenstocks, Bill was like Socrates teaching at the Agora, passing on pearls of wisdom on the proper mechanics of throwing the curve and on setting up hitters for the hook.

The Spaceman can still throw his fastball in the high 70s and mixes it with the curve, a knuckler, a circle change, the Leephus (or Space Ball) and a running commentary on how to fool hitters.

If you'd like to rub elbows with another of baseball's greatest (fans), hop on the bus for VPR's trip to Fenway on July 31. VPR Morning Edition host Mitch Wertlieb can't teach you to deliver a nasty curve, but he can prep you on delivering a major league sports report. Learn more about the trip by clicking here.

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