Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yesterday we asked our many Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers to use social media to broadcast their support of VPR and to encourage their Friends and Followers to do the same. We got a lot of great listener response and we even thanked many of the Tweeters on-air during the membership drive.

VPR listener Liz Schlegel was inspired by the call and went above and beyond by Tweeting her top 10 9 reasons that she loves VPR:
  1. Because #VPR brings me audio postcards of towns all over Vermont (especially ones I haven't visited yet!) #whyIloveVPR
  2. Because the #VPR personalities are so distinctive and fun - from Ross Sneyd to Jane Lindholm, I feel like I really know them! #whyIloveVPR
  3. Because #VPR is the way I get Marketplace, Click & Clack, Wait, Wait DTM - my access to shows I have loved for many years #whyIloveVPR
  4. Because #VPR has introduced me to new radio shows I didn't know I needed: RadioLab, The Moth, Spark! and Planet Money #whyIloveVPR
  5. Because #VPR makes every drive just fly by - no matter what road I travel in VT, VPR is there with me! #whyIloveVPR
  6. Because #VPR engages online, on the air and in person - they show up! I love to see all the ways VPR tells us what's happening. #whyIloveVPR
  7. Because #VPR Morning Edition host Mitch Wertlieb is a Red Sox fan. #whyIloveVPR
  8. Is that 10 reasons? Because #VPR has great friends and partners, and does such a good job of connecting VTers. #whyIloveVPR
  9. Okay, here's the #1 reason #whyIloveVPR: Because I love public radio! And I love Vermont! They're like peanut butter & chocolate!
On-air and Online, VPR is here because of listener support. Thanks to Liz and everyone for all the ways you enthusiastically support VPR - by listening, volunteering, pledging, and spreading the word:

Tell your Facebook friends that you Support VPR!

Tell your Twitter followers that you Support VPR!

Jonathan Butler
Online Manager, VPR

PS. What is #whyIloveVPR? It's a Twitter hashtag. A hashtag is like a label that facilitates conversations on Twitter. For example, we use the #VPR hashtag so listeners can find and share Tweets about VPR; people who live in Burlington, VT use the #btv hashtag to share Tweets about goings-on in Burlington. For more on hashtags, see Wikipedia, of course.

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  1. Of the many places I've lived, Vermont's is the first public radio to create so much community --welcoming us as participants, not just as donors


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