Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dining in Egypt with Chris Wren

Commentator Chris Wren will lead VPR's Tour of Egypt in September. He spent three years as Cairo bureau chief for The New York Times. Chris loved the cuisine there and he shares some of his favorite Egyptian dishes with us.

"My favorite is falafel - mashed chickpeas fried into fritters and stuffed into puffy country bread with condiments like yoghurt and spices. I ate them almost every day for lunch. I would buy them hot from street vendors and gobble my falafel down before I got back to the bureau because I couldn't wait.

"On this tour, we'll find the best falafel in a clean, sit-down restaurant where we can sip black Arab coffee from small cups while we watch the passing parade of exotic folks going about their lives.

"Roast chicken and lamb are very much part of the Egyptian cuisine, as are fish and shrimp from the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Egyptians prepare fragrant stews packed with fresh vegetables, and the tastiest lentil soup. Of course, popular Middle East finger food like fresh humus will be available, scooped up with hot bread or pancakes from a griddle. There will also be specialties to sample as we cruise along the Nile and in Upper Egypt."

You can learn more about VPR's Tour of Egypt and download a brochure by clicking here.

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