Wednesday, May 19, 2010

VPR prEview: How To Clean Your Desk, VPR Classical In Randolph, Maple Shortbread

I don’t know if it comes with age or if it’s the result of moving too many times, but recently I’ve been ruthlessly weeding out my material possessions. Books went to VPR volunteers to rummage through during the recent membership drive, clothes went to Goodwill. If only I could translate this new ethos to my desk here at VPR, I would be all set!

That’s why on Memorial Day I’ll be listening to “Clearing Your Desk & Your Mind,” a program about finding respite from the chaos of emails, cell phones and in-boxes and focusing in today's world. You’ll learn more in this edition of prEview. You can also sign up to receive daily VPR headlines by email with News Link, and in VPR Cooks, a recipe for maple shortbread cookies made for VPR by some very dedicated listeners.

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  1. When there is no space to store the belongings they must be donated so that there is no dump and clutter.


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