Friday, May 14, 2010

The Moth Radio Hour Returns To VPR!

I first discovered The Moth when Ira Glass used a Moth story on This American Life. It was such a good story that I decided to learn more at the Moth's website.

It was love at first listen. I found stories about all sorts of subjects, told live and unencumbered by too much editing or time limits. The raw emotion in the storytellers’ voices was striking. For hours, I listened to story after story.

VPR has good news for Moth addicts like me. For the next four Saturdays, The Moth Radio Hour returns to VPR. These four episodes feature some of the best stories I’ve heard on The Moth. And that’s saying something.

One woman tells a story about her father’s death (an unusual story because it’s hilarious). There’s a sad story about a firefighter who finds himself lashing out at a woman whose children he tried to rescue. And a woman who moves to France finds a ghost living in her new Parisian apartment.

And there are many, many more. So tune in Saturday at 4 o’clock!

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