Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Brattleboro Studio

VPR now has a direct connection to Brattleboro, with the addition of a studio at the Marlboro College Graduate School. VPR engineers Brian Marhsall, Rich Parker and Mike Seguin assembled a soundproof voice booth within a room at the College. The recording booth will fit two people comfortably and is connected to VPR via VoIP - voice over IP address.

This new studio, made possible by the VPR Journalism Fund, will enable Vermont Edition, VPR reporters, NPR, and other stations to interview guests in Brattleboro. Commentators and VPR Reporter Susan Keese will use the studio, and listeners will be able to record testimonials.

VPR designed the studio to be super easy for guests to use, with a webcam for better communication.

The studio is part of VPR's expanded service to the Brattleboro area. Last summer, VPR added 88.9 FM in Brattleboro to the VPR News network and improved our VPR Classical service through 94.3 FM.

Many thanks to Marlboro College's graduate and professional studies program for providing this space!
Brian Marshal. (left) and Rich Parker (right) start putting the pieces together.
Brian Marshall adjusts the 'egg crate' sound-proofing
Our webcam is above and to the right of the microphone

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  1. Woohoo! My favorite station in my favorite home town! Welcome!


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