Monday, March 18, 2013

VPR Morning Edition Music Beds for 3/18/13

5:59am  Stanley Clarke: "Walkin' the Dog", from the album "Friends."

6:20am  DJ Vadim, featuring Jill Green on vocals: "Sufferin' Blues", from the album "Sound Catcher."

6:49am  Medeski, Martin & Wood: "Acht O'clock Rock", from the album "Red Hot and Indigo."

6:58am  Alex Wurman: "Too Much Money", from the soundtrack to the film "Criminal."

7:20am  Charlie Hunter: "One Foundation", from the album "Nature Sounds."

7:58am  Stephane Wrembel: "Swing de Bellevue", from the album "Gypsy Rumble."

8:20am  Jimi Hendrix: "Villanova Junction Blues", from the album "People, Hell and Angels."

8:39am  Steve Blanco Trio: "Black Dog", from the album "Piano Warrior."

8:50am   Jupiter Coyote: "Fade", from the album "The Hilary Step."

8:59am   Sim Redmond Band: "Good Thoughts", from the album "The Sim Redmond Band."

Tip of the day: If you want to win your NCAA basketball tournament office pool, simply ask me about the picks I made, and then fill out your bracket with the exact opposite picks.

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  1. Hey, seeing Mitch's musical selections is terrific! many a time I've wondered, "What was that piece of music?" Now I have a way to find out. Here's a thought: during pledge drives, could there be a Mitch Wertlieb music special featuring his favorites from the music he's chosen since the previous drive? Or could VPR work out a special arrangement with some online music source to have a "Mitch's Favorites" download as a thank-you option for contributors? I've been a continuing contributor, but would happily toss in some more support for such a personal musical effering.


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