Wednesday, March 27, 2013

VPR Morning Edition Music Beds for 3/27/13

5:59am  Paul Simon: "Amulet", from the album "So Beautiful or So What."

6:20am  Bryan Ferry Orchestra: "Don't Stop the Dance", from the album "The Jazz Age."

6:49am:  Scott Witte:  "Bounce", from the album "Sound Shadows."

6:58am:  Grateful Dead:  "Smokestack Lightning", Live from Boston Music Hall, 12/2/71.

7:20am:  Stephane Wrembel: "Swing de Bellevue", from the album "Gypsy Rumble."

7:58am:  Jerry Douglas:  "American Tune", from the album "Traveler."

8:20am   Keller Williams:  "Blatant Ripoff", from the album "Breathe."

8:39am:  James Brown:  "Blind Man Can See It", from the soundtrack to the film "Black Caesar."

8:50am:  Louis Armstrong:  "Wild Man Blues", from the album "Greatest Hits."

8:59am:  Brian Bromberg:  "Love Shack", from the album "It Is What It Is."

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