Tuesday, March 26, 2013

VPR Morning Edition Music Beds for 3/26/13

5:59am  Will Patton Ensemble:  "6th Street Runaround", from the album of the same name.

6:20am:  Frank Zappa:  "Sleep Dirt", from the album of the same name.

6:49am:  String Cheese Incident:  "Little Hands", from the album "A String Cheese Incident."

6:58am:  Soulive: "Taxman", from the album "Rubber Soulive."

7:20am:  Bill Frisell: "Keep on the Sunnyside", from the album "Beautiful Dreamers."

7:58am:  Fleetwood Mac: "Albatross", from the album of the same name.

8:20am:  Jazz Is Dead: "Let It Grow", from the album "Laughing Water."

8:39am:  Quincy Jones: "Sanford and Son" Theme, from the album "The Best of Quincy Jones."

8:50am:  Michael Brooks: "Carthage Grain Sale", from the soundtrack to the film "Into the Wild."

8:59am:  All India Radio:  "Lo Fi Groovy", from the album "Permanent Evolutions." 

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