Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ten Reasons Why We Love Our Membership Drive Volunteers

1. They love public radio with an unwavering passion. And they love pledge drives – coming back year after year after year….

2. They love to be busy. When the calls slow down, they will the phones to ring.

3. They always come equipped with a smile. Visit the VPR pledge room for a dose of cheer and good humor.

4. When there is a challenge, they make pledges to help VPR reach the goal.

5. They cheer loudly when you help us reach a goal (very loud!)

6. They keep a personal tally on the calls they take and compete with their friends to see who has the higher average pledge.

7. They write clever haiku:
Rain falls steadily
Volunteers work better dry
Open the door, Dan

8. When VPR volunteers sign up, we know they will show up – even at 5:30 on a wintry morning.

9. They’re totally honest. When they don’t like something, they say so. When they like something, they tell everyone.

10. They take care of their own dishes.

Thank you one and all from all of us at Vermont Pubic Radio!

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