Monday, March 2, 2009

Town Meeting

Covering Town Meeting Day is one of those assignments that reminds people like me why it’s so fun to be a reporter. That’s because we get the chance to go out among our neighbors and hear what’s on their minds. This week, VPR News will take you along when our reporters cover meetings around the state.

John Dillon will be in Calais, reporting on towns that are considering a resolution that opposes giving the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant a 20-year license extension.

Nina Keck will be in Rutland and Lynne McCrea will be in Burlington. Both cities have important mayor’s races this year.

Betty Smith’s gone to town meeting in West Windsor for several years now to gauge the mood of an average Vermont town. She’ll be back again this year and will report on what’s changed – and what hasn’t.

Steve Zind is headed to Craftsbury, one of a handful of towns that have to take two votes on a school budget under a new state law.

And from tiny Guildhall, population 268, Charlotte Albright will report on a local controversy over library hours – and accounting for how tax dollars are spent.

We'll put it all together with a live, 90-minute special report hosted by Bob Kinzel starting at 7 p.m. Bob’s guest will be Steve Jeffrey of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns. But Bob will also check in with VPR reporters and newspaper editors around the state for a recap of the day’s debates and votes.

On Morning Edition on Wednesday, we’ll wrap it all up with reports and interviews.

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