Friday, March 13, 2009

The Voices of the Recession: Your Pledge at Work

The idea seemed simple enough when it was suggested by John Van Hoesen, VPR's Vice-President for News and Programming: tell the story of the recession through the voices of some of the people affected.

About two months after the idea first hatched, we aired Hitting Home. It was a series that mushroomed into 14 different stories, interviews, commentaries and Vermont Edition subjects.

We heard some poignant stories.

John Dillon introduced us to a recently laid-off state worker. Charlotte Albright tracked down a software developer who decided to launch his own musical instrument repair business in the Northeast Kingdom after being laid off. And Lynne McCrea told the heart-wrenching story of Meghan Cline, a homeless mother, and her fruitless search for an apartment. It wasn’t all bad news, either. We also heard from a couple of businesses in Burlington that are expanding.

A series like this takes time and people. There were at least a dozen VPR staffers involved in putting together the series, including reporters, producers, editors and audio engineers.

Take a listen to all of their work. The series is compiled online here. Thank you for making this kind of in-depth, poignant storytelling possible.

Ross Sneyd
News Editor
Vermont Public Radio

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