Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Web Tuesday!

More and more listeners are giving online because it's easy, fast, and secure. But there are more reasons than ever why giving online during Web Tuesday makes your pledge go far.

Pledging early helps make VPR’s membership drive as short as possible and, in the process, helps our neighbors. For every pledge made to Vermont Public Radio during this drive, the Vermont Community Foundation will donate five meals to the Vermont Foodbank. Not only will you help pay for the programming you love, you'll tangibly help Vermonters in need.

By pledging early you are also entered to win a $1,000 gift certificate to Northshire Bookstore to use in their Manchester store (or online). You'll also be entered into ALL of the prize drawings for the rest of this membership drive - and thanks to our membership Drive Partners we have some great prizes.

So, I hope you'll make your pledge online today during Web Tuesday. As always, it's not the amount of your pledge - it's the fact you pledge. And during this drive, thanks to the Community Foundation, the Foodbank, and you, every pledge goes that much further.

Jonathan Butler
Online Manager, VPR

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